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Our Main Services

We offer comprehensive primary care for Alberta families. Our goal is to be the go-to place for your whole family’s primary medical needs. The clinic, atmosphere, and system are all designed to give you the most positive experience.


Family Medicine+

No family member has the same needs. Our goal is to keep everyone safe with personalized check-ups and care plans.


IUD Insertion and Removal+

From IUD insertion to removal, our doctors ensure you have all the information and post-procedure care knowledge.



Monitor your child’s health with our help.


Endometrium Biopsy+

Keeping an eye on uterine health is necessary. Especially if you have any abnormal bleeding or just want a precautionary check for any malign or abnormal cell development that can lead to cancer. Remember, caution is the way to stay healthy.


Pap Smear

Just like your uterus, the cervix is also a very vulnerable part. Get pap smear tests done at intervals mentioned by your physician to ensure there are no issues.


Wart Removal and Skin Tag Removal+

Warts and skin tags may appear to be harmless, but removing them on your own is extremely dangerous. Visit our expert doctors to get them removed in the safest possible way.

Other Services

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Preventive Care

men health

Men’s Health


Minor Procedures


Travel Medicine


Women’s Health


Chronic Disease Management